For much of Alaska, there has never been routine access to veterinary care. The Healthy Dog, Healthy Community project is dedicated to increasing the availability of veterinary care in rural Alaska to help minimize the negative health impacts that result from a lack of access to veterinary care. One of the first steps is to contact communities statewide to learn more about the situation on the ground. Please take a few moments to answer simple questions about veterinary care in your community. Community names will never be shared.
If you have any questions please contact Brian Berube at

* 1. What community do you live in?

* 2. Are you able to access veterinary care?

* 3. Are you able to afford veterinary care? 

* 4. Are many dogs in your community spayed or neutered (i.e. sterilized so they cannot have puppies)?

* 5. Do dogs in your community receive regular vaccinations (other than rabies) and deworming?

* 6. Are stray and unwanted dogs a problem in your community? 

* 7. Do people in your community fear stray dogs?

* 8. Are dog bites/attacks a problem in your community? 

* 9. Do you think dogs in your community ever make people sick? 

* 10. Do dogs spread waste or garbage around your community? 

* 11. How does your community handle unwanted dogs ?(you can pick more than one option)

* 12. Do you see dogs in your community that are not properly cared for? 

* 13. If you have to put down dogs regularly or have trouble controlling when your dog has puppies, does this bother you, make you sad or upset?

* 14. Please add any comments or advice.