Survey for youth & young adults with disabilities between the ages of 13 - 26

YO! Disabled and Proud is partnering with Family Voices of California and will be presenting youth-friendly presentations and discussions (based on your feedback) at the 2017 Annual Health Care Summit. The information we receive back from youth & young adults with disabilities who take this survey will be used when shaping the youth health care presentations at the summit.

* 1. How old are you? 

* 2. What category does your primary disability best fit into?

* 3. I have a pretty good understanding of my health care needs, the health/disability related programs I am a part of and how to manage them on my own.

* 4. As a youth or young adult with a disability what do you care most about when it comes to Health Care?

* 5. I am interested in learning about reproductive health, (sexuality, reproductive screenings, exams, etc.), as it relates to being a person with a disability.

* 6. I want to learn about  Mental Health services available in my community?

* 7. I want to learn about how to setup a Durable Medical Power of Attorney.

* 8. I want to learn how programs such as In Home Support Services, Medi-Cal, Medicare and Social Security Benefits will change as I get older and out of school.

* 9. I want to learn the differences between Medicare, Medi-cal (Medicaid) and private insurance.

* 10. I want to learn what it means to be responsible for  my own Durable Medical Equipment, (wheelchair, shower chair, communication device, walker, hearing aids, etc.), needs.

* 11. I want to learn what it might take to transition from my pediatric doctors over to adult care.

* 12. I want to learn how to manage my own health care records.

* 13. I want to learn how to advocate for my own health care needs, know my rights, and understand the laws that protect me as a person with a disability.

* 14. As a youth or young adult, what would make you most interested in attending a Health Care Summit?