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Thank you for your time and interest in our community's health!

If you have not already done so, please take the opportunity to review the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy reports available on our website through the link - https://www.uchealth.org/Pages/About-UCHealth/Community-Benefits-Report.aspx (once on this page, please scroll down to view the reports for northern Colorado).

The information contained within those reports will assist you in completing this survey.

The purpose of this survey is to give community members an opportunity to provide their input about health issues in the community and also to comment on UCHealth's resources directed toward addressing those issues.

Information gathered from this survey will be used as part of UCHealth's continual review of and response to community health needs in Northern Colorado.

Participation in this survey is completely voluntary. If you choose to participate, please click the NEXT button at the bottom of the screen.

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