I am Kenneth Okereafor PhD, a cybersecurity professional with research interests in the global safety of healthcare data (click or copy-paste https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4751-9339 on your browser for my research profile).

I am conducting a global research focused on evaluating the impacts of cybersecurity breaches on sensitive health data in various healthcare institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I kindly request for your cooperation in completing this short survey.

The survey takes less than 3 minutes to complete, and contains only 10 questions.

Your responses will be kept confidential, and there are no questions on disclosures of corporate and individual identities.

The survey is specifically for:

  • Information management executives,
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs),
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs),
  • Digital health professionals,
  • IT professionals,
  • Data security managers,
  • Database administrators, and
  • All persons who are responsible for generating, managing, protecting, or using sensitive health information and data assets in healthcare institutions.

Thank you for your time.

Kenneth Okereafor

Question Title

* 3. Does your selected country have a legislation on data privacy or protection of critical national assets? (Yes/No).

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* 4. Does your selected country have any national regulatory body for privacy and data protection? (Yes/No).

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* 5. Which of these cybersecurity breaches has your healthcare institution experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic? (Select all that apply).

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* 7. To whom was/were the selected cybersecurity breach(es) first reported? (Select one).

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* 8. From findings, what was/were the likely cause(s) of the selected cybersecurity breach(es)? (Select all that apply).

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* 9. What percentage of your health institution's annual budget goes into cybersecurity and data protection? (Select one).

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* 10. Which of these, best describes your role within your healthcare institution? (Select one).