...striving to make health a priority and fitness a habit

Health Partners is a circle of women striving to make health a priority and fitness a habit. This initiative is the fulfillment of Healthier Picks, LLC's social responsibility, which aims to encourage individuals to live a healthy lifestyle. Health Partners meet on a weekly basis and engage in activities that include: walking / jogging / biking on trails, belly dancing, cardio & endurance training, yoga, zip-lining, and Zumba. The instructor or trainer for any of the activities will always be a female unless otherwise noted. 

This membership form is a formal agreement with Healthier Picks, LLC to become a Health Partner. The form includes information about the available membership options:

1) Monthly membership ($25) Health Partner that includes access to the weekly Sunday activities, participation on the WhatsApp and Facebook platforms, the privilege of sitting on the planning committees for Healthier Picks' other initiatives: Let's Get ACTIVE! and Community Drives;
2) Health Partners who can access only weekly activities that they have paid for (pay-as-you-go), and participation on the WhatsApp and Facebook platforms.
3) Virtual Health Partners who access the WhatsApp and Facebook platforms for health and fitness tips.