Healey Lake Internet Access Questionnaire

Lakeside (formally Muskoka) Wireless Solutions Inc. is conducting a feasibility study to bring true 'High-Speed' internet to Healey Lake.  The current internet solutions are either extremely slow or very costly because of data caps.  Please respond to this questionnaire so we can understand the needs of the Healey Lake cottages/residents.

Please leave your name, e-mail address, Healey Lake address and phone number at the end of the survey so we may contact you as more information becomes available.

Note: Although this project has potential benefits for members of the Healey Lake Property Owners Association, Lakeside Wireless Solutions Inc. is an independent entity with no ties to the HLPOA.

* 1. Do you currently have internet access at your Cottage/Residence? If so, who is your current provider?

33% of survey complete.