Growth and Development Information

The Kankakee County Hazard Mitigation Plan was adopted on January 23, 2006. Local jurisdictions are required to review and revise their plans every 5 years to remain eligible for mitigation project grant funding. In this regard, Kankakee County needs your help. Completing the following survey will provide our staff with the information about your municipality that we need to update the plan.

* 1. Which municipality or jurisdiction do you represent?

* 2. How many acres of land has your municipality or jurisdiction annexed since 2005?

* 3. How many miles or road has your municipality or jurisdiction added since 2005? Include additions through annexation and new construction.

* 4. Has your municipality or jurisdiction added or removed any new critical facilities since 2005? Critical facilities are defined as buildings , locations, or facilities vital to public safety and the disaster recovery effort or buildings, locations, or facilities that, if damaged, would create secondary disasters.