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The Med-QUEST Division (MQD) is in the process of developing a new web-based portal to simplify and accelerate the provider enrollment process. In late 2019, you will be able to use the new user-friendly portal to submit applications, report changes to existing enrollments, and respond to the division’s requests for continued enrollment or revalidation. This new system will be accessible to all Medicaid providers. Allowing you to enroll, update, and make changes to your information quickly and easily online will eliminate paper processing, and save time for both you, your and our MQD staff.
Med-QUEST is requesting service providers / agencies supply the latest contact information supporting the PMSU implementation. The email address is critical and will be used as the primary point of contact.

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* 1. Please provide organizational information

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* 2. Do you have access to a computer to use for the PMSU, either at work or at home?

We look forward to the implementation of our new system and have developed a webpage to communicate with our providers the current project status along with future progress updates as the implementation date gets closer. You can find this information here:
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