2018 Have a Go News Reader Survey

We are asking you to take a moment to complete a reader survey about this paper as it’s important to us to provide the best quality content for you the reader.
We use the information to improve the paper for the readership and all entries go in the draw to win the following prizes.
First Prize - $500 cash
Second Prize - $250 cash
Third Prize - Case of wine from Avonbrook Wine 
5 x prizes of $20 scratchies 
10x passes to Bennett Brook Railway

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. What is your postcode?

* 4. Do you still work?

* 5. How many people read your copy of Have a Go News?

* 6. How long do you keep an issue of Have a Go News?

* 7. How many years have you been reading Have a Go News?

* 8. How often do your refer back to the paper?

* 9. Do you use any of the companies who advertise in the paper?

* 10. Do you enter our competitions?

* 11. Do you enjoy our front cover stories?

* 12. Do you enjoy our Page 2 Snippets? Tick which ones you like.

* 13. Do you enjoy our 'From the Editor's desk' on page 2?

* 14. Do you enjoy our profile stories on people?

* 15. Do you enjoy our opinion column?

* 16. Do you enjoy our columns from various sporting clubs and groups? eg canoeing, swimming, walking etc.

* 17. Do you enjoy the conservation column by Karen Majer?

* 18. Do you enjoy the column about Alzheimer's research from Rhonda Parker?

* 19. Do you enjoy Rick Steele's column?

* 20. Do you enjoy Jon Lewis's column?

* 21. Do you enjoy the stamps and coins columns by Mickel Smits?

* 22. Do you enjoy the television column by Lee Tate?

* 23. Do you enjoy our Community Notebook?

* 24. Do you enjoy the information about British Pensions supplied by Mike Goodall? 

* 25. Do you enjoy our fishing column?

* 26. Do you enjoy the stories in our Let's Go Travelling section?

* 27. Do the stories in our Let's Go Travelling section provide you with holiday inspiration?

* 28. Do you use the companies who advertise in the travel section?

* 29. Do you intend to travel in the next 12 months?

* 30. If you are travelling, where are you going?

* 31. How many times a year do you travel?

* 32. What's your favourite destination to travel to in WA?

* 33. Do you own a caravan or camper trailer?

* 34. If yes, do you use it regularly?

* 35. Do you intend to go on a cruise in the next 12 months?

* 36. Do you enjoy our stories about ballroom dancers in WA?

* 37. Do you enjoy our book reviews?

* 38. If we sold books would you consider buying them from us?

* 39. Do you enjoy our stories about health trends and research?

* 40. Do you enjoy our features on Active Ageing?

* 41. Do you enjoy our features about wills and the law?

* 42. Do you have a current will?

* 43. Do you enjoy our column about styling your home?

* 44. Do you enjoy our food and wine section?

* 45. Do you enjoy our recipes?

* 46. Do you keep our recipes?

* 47. Do you enjoy our wine column?

* 48. Do you utilise our reviews on lunch and brunch places?

* 49. Do you utilise our listings on mid-week lunch specials?

* 50. Do you enjoy our gardening column?

* 51. Do you utilise our Friend to Friend section?

* 52. Do you like our puzzles page?

* 53. Do you enjoy our arts and entertainment section?

* 54. Do you enjoy the range of shows and entertainment we present in arts and entertainment section?

* 55. Do you enjoy the following - please choose which ones you like...

* 56. Do you enjoy our Scene Socially page?

* 57. Do you buy Lotto or scratchies each week?

* 58. Do you use Lottoland?

* 59. Do you have any of the following: Tick which you have...

* 60. Have you visited the Have a Go News website?

* 61. Do you know our website offers information and special competitions between editions of the paper?

* 62. Do you read the digital version of Have a Go News online?

* 63. Do you use social media?

* 64. Which platform(s) do you use?

* 65. Have you liked the Have a Go News social media pages?

* 66. Do you intend to move house in the next 12 months?

* 67. Are you considering downsizing?

* 68. Would you move to a retirement village?

* 69. Are you considering renovating your house in the next 12 months?

* 70. Do you own a car?

* 71. Will you purchase a new car in the next 12 months?

* 72. What will be your major purchase/s in the next 12 months?

* 73. Do you exercise regularly?

* 74. Are you a member of a club, association or group?

* 75. Are you interested in being a member of a club, association or group?

* 76. Where do you pick up your copy of the paper from?

* 77. Would you recommend reading Have a Go News to a friend as a good source of information?

* 78. What do you like about Have a Go News?

* 79. Are there any activities or interests you would like to see featured in the paper?

* 80. What's the number one item on you Bucket List?

* 81. Please fill in your contact details to enter the draw of prizes. Closes 30/6/18. Prizes drawn on 15 July and winners notified by telephone.