Welcome to My Survey

This survey is appropriate for you if you have ever cheated on a romantic partner when you were in an exclusive, committed relationship. Your responses are ANONYMOUS and contribute to my research on relationships. There are just 10 Questions, so please complete them all.

For this survey, cheating can be defined as both emotional and/or sexual. Infidelity is a sexual and/or emotional act engaged in by one person within a committed relationship, where such an act occurs outside of the primary relationship and constitutes a breach of trust and/or violation of agreed-upon norms  by one or both individuals in that relationship in relation to romantic/emotional or sexual exclusivity. 

Online cheating also counts as infidelity. A cyberaffair is a romantic or sexual relationship initiated online and can be either a continuous relationship, or a series of casual erotic conversations with multiple people online. Hot chatting and cybersex are other common terms used to refer to Internet infidelity. Both terms imply moving beyond innocent flirting, and cybersex includes sexual gratification.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete my survey!