The Minister for Justice and Equality is reviewing Ireland’s law on criminal hate speech. The existing law, the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989, is being revised and updated to ensure it meets the needs of a modern, democratic society.

Thank you for participating in this consultation.

Your views are important. Please reflect on your own experiences of hate speech, what you have encountered personally or what you have seen, read or heard that you consider is hate speech.

In light of these experiences, we are asking you to share your views with us on the kinds of protection that the law on hate speech should offer, and the groups that need protection.

By filling in the questions below, you will help shape Ireland’s law on incitement to hatred – the crime of encouraging others toward hatred, intolerance and prejudice.

You can share your views by completing the text boxes below, or by sending a written submission to before the closing date of 13th December 2019.

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* 1. In your opinion, what groups or communities of people in Ireland are targeted by hate speech?

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* 2. Please describe the kinds of hate speech that you think are (or are not) serious enough to be a criminal offence.

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* 3. Is it necessary or right to place limits on freedom of expression by making some forms of hate speech a crime? If so, what protections do you think the law on incitement to hatred should offer?

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* 4. Do you think those who are actively involved in publishing, spreading or distributing hate speech should be subject to criminal prosecution?

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* 5. Is there anything else important we should take into account as part of this review?