1. Harwood Elementary School Parent Survey 2016-2017

* 1. What grade(s) are your child(ren) in this year?

* 2. Harwood Elementary is welcoming and inviting and provides a safe place for my child to learn.

* 3. At Harwood Elementary the teachers, staff and administrators are friendly and promote academic excellence.

* 4. Teachers and administrators at Harwood Elementary make me feel that I am part of the school community.

* 5. The administrators and teachers at Harwood Elementary are friendly, make me feel comfortable, and respond to my calls and/or e-mails within an acceptable period of time.

* 6. The teachers at Harwood Elementary keep me informed about how my child is doing academically by updating parent portal (grades 3-5), progress reports, making phone calls home and/or sending e-mails.

* 7. My child's teacher is responsive to parent/student concerns.

* 8. My child's teacher knows when my child is struggling.

* 9. My child has discussed his/her progress on math learning targets.

* 10. My child's teacher provides for student's individual needs.

* 11. Teachers at Harwood Elementary provide instructional activities that give students options for learning in more than one way.

* 12. If needed, additional support or instructional time is available to my child.

* 13. I have resources (computer programs, curriculum nights) available to assist me in addressing the needs of my child.

* 14. My child receives Math support from the Title 1 aide and I find this to be helpful and beneficial for my child.

* 15. My child receives Reading support from the Title 1 Teacher or aide and I find this to be helpful and beneficial for my child.

* 16. This year, the Title I teacher and intervention team provided an additional hour of reading and writing support to those students who were reading below grade-level. This intervention was helpful for those students and the Harwood Community.

* 17. I believe that my child has been prepared to succeed in the next grade.

* 18. I know what is expected from my child behaviorally.

* 19. When it comes to discipline at Harwood Elementary, my child has been treated fairly.

* 20. I think the specials classes (PE, Media, Music, STEM and Art) at Harwood Elementary are important in my child’s academic success.

* 21. What do you like best about Harwood Elementary?

* 22. What do you like least about Harwood Elementary?

* 23. Do you have any other comments or feedback for the Harwood staff?

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