Hartford Board of School Directors - Recreation Bond Survey

Survey Questions –
In an effort to obtain citizen input and advise the School Board in their decisions regarding the remaining 1.5 million dollars, as well as to determine if there is support for another bond proposal, the School Board is conducting this survey. 

The district is currently holding 1.5 million dollars from the original recreation bond that passed in 2013. This past town meeting cycle the school board proposed an additional 3 million dollar Supplemental Recreation Bond to add to the remaining 1.5 million dollars to complete the Artificial Turf Multi-purpose Playing Field, Track and Field House. This proposal did not pass.
Many citizens and some recreation groups have come forward with their ideas of how the school board should move forward. The school board is now seeking input from the Hartford Community to assist them in determining how the existing funds should be used and if there is support for an additional bond to complete the project.

Please take the time to complete it to the best of your ability. If you have additional questions or concerns, as always, do not hesitate to contact Tom DeBalsi, Superintendent of Schools at 295-8600 or debalsit@hartfordschools.net


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* 1. Which role do you play in the community?

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* 2. Evaluate the following options.

  Strongly Support Support Neutral Object Strongly Object
Use the remaining bond proceeds (1.5 million dollars) to build a field house for the athletic training equipment that was in the Middle School cafeteria, to provide new locker rooms for teams, sports, and increase instructional space for P.E.
Identify costs associated with building a track at the Maxfield property. This may or may not require an Australian ballot and bonding (not for additional money but for allocation of existing funds to an off campus site).
Save the existing bond proceeds (1.5 million dollars), fundraise, and propose a new bond next March to support building a track and artificial multi-purpose turf field.
Build a field house now with the remaining bond proceeds of 1.5 million dollars and propose a new bond in March for a track and artificial multi-purpose turf field.
Propose a bond for $1.3 million to build a track with a natural grass football field and forego the construction of a field house.
Propose a bond for $1.5 million to build a track with an artificial multi-purpose field and forego the construction of a field house.
Renovate the existing bath house and make room for the training equipment that was in the middle school cafeteria. This will not allow for a track and field to be built in the future on high school property.
Have the field house attached to the WABA(ice hockey facitility) with separate locker rooms. This may not save money but will consolidate space.
Renovate classroom space within the high school for the use of the athletic training equipment. Put any remaining bond proceeds towards a future recreation project. This may or may not require an Australian ballot.
Do you support investigating the idea of having qualified tradesmen from the community volunteer to help with the building of any recreation project?

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* 3. Please indicate your top three choices.