The City of Harrison DDA (Downtown Development Authority) is in the process of developing an updated DDA plan which will serve as a guide for future improvements within the DDA boundary over the next 20 years. Your input is needed to determine which of the potential projects are of the highest priority. The questions below refer to possible projects that have been suggested by members of the community and City officials. Not all of the projects will be included in the final plan, but they are represented here for your consideration. The following survey should take about 10 minutes.  Refer to the map at the end of this survey for the DDA boundaries. Please complete the survey by January 5, 2018. Thank you for your time and participation!

* 1. Improvements to the “streetscape” are things which make the street friendlier to pedestrians and more aesthetically pleasing. The City is looking to improve the streetscape along the commercial corridors outside of the downtown core. Please rate the importance of the following streetscape improvements.

  Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Additional street trees
Decorative street lights
Improved sidewalk connectivity
Bury utilities

* 2. Please rate the following potential non-motorized improvements on a scale from low priority to high priority.

  Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
New pedestrian scale wayfinding (directional) signage and kiosks
Install a snow melt system under downtown sidewalks 
Pedestrian crosswalk improvements on Main Street and 1st Street
Improve connectivity between Budd Lake and downtown

* 3. We'd like to better understand how to make parking more convenient and accessible for downtown employees and visitors. Please rank the following actions by priority level.

  Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Uniform wayfinding (directional) signage to help visitors locate parking.
Additional public parking downtown
Add more bicycle parking

* 4. Would you be supportive of a publicly or privately operated seasonal trolley route between downtown and Budd Lake?

* 5. The DDA is considering programs and outreach to foster economic development and improve the business environment in Harrison. Please rate the following actions by priority level.

  Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Conduct a retail study to inform business recruitment and actively recruit new businesses 
Continue to support business training through the Harrison Market and the Small Business Development Council
Partner with public and private entities to redevelop vacant properties as they become available
Coordinate façade grant applications amongst local business owners

* 6. Rate the following recreational-related projects in order of priority (1 being the highest, 4 being the lowest)

* 7. What specific recreation projects would you like to see in the District?

* 8. Harrison is looking to expand and promote the Downtown Market to support local farmers and businesses. Which of the following activities would you be supportive of?

  Low Priority Medium Priority High Priority
Offer and market a wider variety of "Made in Michigan" products
Recruit local artists to retail or market spaces
Expand local farmers/growers winter market  
Sell Harrison-branded T-shirts and other swag at the Market

* 9. Do you shop in within the Harrison DDA?

* 10. How often do you come to the District to shop?

* 11. What best describes your interest in the City and the Harrison Business District? (check all that apply)

* 12. What category is your age?

* 13. Please feel free to provide any additional comments or suggestions below.

City of Harrison DDA Boundary

City of Harrison DDA Boundary
Thank You!