Why have you been asked to take a survey about parks and recreation in Harper Woods?

The City of Harper Woods, Michigan is currently updating its Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This plan will help guide decisions in the City for the next five years (2017-2021). The Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a guide for future decision-making related to parks and recreation programming and investment and is also used in seeking grants and other funding for parks projects.

We would like to ask a few questions about your experiences and opinions regarding the programs, services, and facilities that the City of Harper Woods offers.

Your input is critical to helping the City assess the needs of the community, and will be used to prioritize capital improvements, programming, and future strategies for community success.
This survey typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete; the survey will be closed on Thursday, August 31, 2017. Thank you for your participation!  

* 1. How often do you visit Harper Woods parks?

  Never Occasionally Fairly often Very frequently N/A
Salter Memorial Park
Danbury Park
Johnston Park

* 2. In general, how would you rate the condition and maintenance of the City's parks?

* 3. Are you satisfied with the number and type of parks and recreation opportunities available in Harper Woods?

* 4. Please provide input on the following potential goals for the Harper Woods Parks and Recreation Plan:

  Of the highest importance Very important Important Somewhat important Not important
Development of new parks and recreation facilities
Access and transportation to parks
Preservation of natural and cultural resources
Securing funding improvements or additions to the parks system
High quality of park and facility design
Recreation programming for residents
Updating existing facilities
Maximizing use of facilities by both active and passive users
Cooperation with other providers of recreation services
Acquisition of new property for parkland
Variety of special events at parks faciliteis
Nature programming activities at parks

* 5. Please check all the reasons that prevent you and/or members of your household from using any of the City's recreation facilities, programs, or parks.

* 6. What is the most convenient time for you and/or members of your household to participate in recreational programs or activities?

* 7. Please tell us if you feel the programs/activities currently available within Harper Woods meet the needs of the community, exceed what is needed, or fall short of meeting those needs.

  Meets the Needs Exceeds Falls Short Undecided
Senior adult health, fitness, social programs, and assistance
Programs for people with disabilities/Adaptive Recreation
Teen and after school programs
Youth and adult sports programs
Environmental/nature education programs
Art, music, concerts, theater and dance programs
Wellness and fitness programs
Community special events and festivals
Family programs and activities
Multicultural programs and offerings
Continuing education courses
Community / entertainment clubs (books, knitting, games)
Infant / toddler education and socialization programs
Adult day camps

* 8. Please tell us if you feel the recreational facilities currently available in the City meet the needs of the community, exceed what is needed, or fall short of meeting those needs.

  Meets the Need Exceeds Falls Short Undecided
Walking or biking trails
Pocket parks in neighborhoods
Community gardens
On-street bike lanes
Fitness and wellness program area
Park lands
Athletic fields
Tennis courts
Picnic areas

* 9. Are there any facilities not mentioned that you would like to see offered? (Please be specific)

* 10. What additional outdoor recreation facilities are needed within the City?

* 11. How often do you ride a bicycle to get around the City?

* 12. What type of special events would you most like to see sponsored by the City of Harper Woods?

* 13. What could we do to improve existing programming/activities in the City? (Please be specific)

* 14. How do you find out about Harper Woods' parks and recreation programs, facilities, and special events?