Introducing your Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan

Something exciting is happening in Harpenden. We are introducing the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan, YOUR opportunity to help shape the future of our special town.

Your views are necessary to move the Neighbourhood Plan forward and create a clear framework to improve the community we live in.

What are your views on some of the most critical issues that will affect you over the next 15 years? Housing? Shopping amenities? Employment opportunities? The environment?

Please complete this questionnaire to help shape this stage of the Neighbourhood Plan. We are also running a number of drop in days for you to find out more about the neighbourhood plan so please come to these too.

• Wednesday 29th March (4-8pm) at Batford Memorial Hall,
Tallents Crescent, AL5 5BS.
• Wednesday 5th April (4-8pm) at Park Hall, Leyton Road, AL5 2LX.
• Tuesday 11th April (4-8pm) at Kinsbourne Common Hall, Luton Road, AL5 3QE.

Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan is being taken forward by Harpenden Town Council.

More information is available at

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
Neighbourhood Plans are a new type of document that enable local people to write planning policies for their local area. Planning policies
will help influence the development and growth in the town in future. Future planning applications by developers and householders will be
judged on the Plan, alongside national and local authority policies, so it will be a powerful document.

Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?
The Neighbourhood Plan will form part of St Albans City and District Council Development Plan and will be used to guide development
in Harpenden. The Neighbourhood Plan allows the local community to decide where and what type of development is provided within Harpenden.

How is the Neighbourhood Plan being put together?
A Steering Group, including Councillors and residents, will meet regularly to review the evidence and consultation feedback to move the
Plan forward.

Where are we at now and what happens next?
This is the first stage where residents help set the vision and objectives and scope of the Plan. The next stage will be to consult in more detail
on the draft vision, objectives and development options. There will be a formal public consultation later on for a draft Plan and finally a Referendum where residents will vote YES or NO for the Plan.
The Neighbourhood Plan is a community led document and we want to engage widely with residents, community groups and key partners. The Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, consisting of local Councillors and residents, have identified five themes that will be covered in the Neighbourhood Plan. These are:

• Housing
• Infrastructure and community facilities
• Transport and movement
• Environment, sustainability and design
• Employment and Retail

The survey on the following pages aims to get your views on some of the key areas for each theme.
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