* 1. We request that you complete this self-assessment questionnaire before participating in the "Harm Reduction in a Continuum of Care" event in order for us to take a baseline measurement of your familiarity with the topics that will be presented. It should take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Your participation in this measurement tool will inform the ongoing development of future HIV-related educational activities and initiatives. You are encouraged to complete this tool with honesty and with confidence that the results are private and confidential.

Please choose a code word. This code word will allow your pre-assessment and post-assessment responses to be compared and will be used everytime you do evaluations for HIV Strategy Training & Education events. Please make the code word something that you will remember.

* 2. How would you rate your current experience, skills or knowledge in each of these content areas?

  Novice Beginner Competent Proficient Expert N/A
Basic principless and concepts of Harm Reduction
Misconceptions related to Harm Reduction
Evidence supporting Harm Reduction
Harm Reduction practices in a Needle Exchange or Methadone Clinic setting
Harm Reduction practices in settings OTHER than Needle Exchange or Methadone Clinic
Concept of using Harm Reduction to engage clients in care
Commonalities in Harm Reduction experiences between Saskatchewan and other regions
Unique aspects of the Harm Reduction experience in Saskatchewan
How your own personal beliefs and values are currently impacting the incorporation of Harm Reduction principles into your own behaviours and practice
Degree to which you currently incorporate Harm Reduction principles into your behaviours and practice

* 3. Please complete the following sentence: "The one thing that I want to get out of this learning event is..."

* 4. Please indicate your occupation:

* 5. Please indicate your work setting:

* 6. Please indicate what region/community you work in (e.g. Prince Albert Parkland Health Region, First Nation Community)