Installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance cameras
The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) as the holder of land held in reserve at Harkness Road, wishes to understand your thoughts on the installation and operation of CCTV surveillance cameras along the boundary of the land at Harkness Road.

GMCT as the holder of land held in reserve at Harkness Road also maintains the firebreak adjacent to this land.

Dumping of rubbish poses a substantial environmental hazard and increased fire risk. The CCTV surveillance cameras will be used to capture incidents involving illegal dumping.

We are interested to hear your thoughts on this development and understand your views.

The survey will take around five minutes to complete.

This is a confidential survey and your responses will only be viewed by members of the project team in order to prepare reports and analysis. Any free text answers you provide may be published in reports as verbatim quotes “from a GMCT Panel Member” however will not be personally identifiable or attributed to you. All data collected as part of this survey will be treated according to GMCT’s privacy policy and privacy collection notice as detailed during the panel registration process.

Participants are encouraged to skip or withdraw from the survey if the sensitive subject matter causes discomfort.
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