Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the Harding Theater Revitalization Project.

This survey will help us: 1) get information and responses from the community regarding our vision for the project, and 2) offer neighbors a variety of ways to get further involved with our efforts.

It should take you around five minutes to fill out the entire survey. Some answers are required, some are optional. After you finish, please forward it along to any of your contacts that might be interested in this project (especially to those who consider the Divisadero corridor to be their neighborhood).

Check out the Neighbors Developing Divisadero website at nddivis.org to follow our progress with the Harding, to get connected to the Harding's facebook page, or to get in touch with us.

(Note: This survey was developed in January 2012 and over 300 neighbors have taken it thus far. The input we have received has been extremely beneficial in shaping our ideas about potential programming and strategy. We will be collecting and reflecting upon input from this survey until July 2012)


The Harding, located next to the Independent at 616 Divisadero, opened in 1926 as a venue for silent films and vaudeville performances. The Harding is currently protected as a historical resource under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), is eligible to be designated as a local landmark and registered on both the California and National Historical Registers, and has the potential to be restored and developed to provide a variety of desired uses. However, the theater will most likely continue to remain unused and deteriorate (and possibly be demolished in the future) without a coordinated community effort.


The goal of the Harding Theater Revitalization Project project is to facilitate the purchase, renovation and operations of the Harding with a dual focus on revitalizing an historic community resource and maximizing community benefit. As neighbors, we want to be proactive in developing viable plans for the theater, and we also want to be prepared to support and/or respond to other development plans as they arise. If you have a particular skill-set that could be helpful and would like to join our efforts, please let us know at the end of the survey.