Citizens’ Petition to the California Coastal Commission

(1) To impose an immediate one-year moratorium on the piecemeal development of Channel Islands Harbor
(2) To create a long-term Harbor Plan that includes the participation of taxpayers and other key stakeholders
(3) To restructure Channel Islands Harbor as a Small Craft Harbor District pursuant to the California DMV Code

Petition Summary and Background:
Channel Islands Harbor is experiencing serious, some would say critical, decline. Some of the most valuable publicly-owned coastal real estate in California lies abandoned and dilapidated. It is a daily embarrassment to those of us who live here. Almost six years ago, the California Coastal Commission sent an emphatic letter to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, requesting that they cease the un-coordinated attempts at Harbor development and piecemeal amendments of the Channel Islands Harbor Public Works Plan (PWP), and instead first execute a comprehensive update of this PWP. Harbor project planning hasn't changed.

Action Requested by this Petition: The undersigned are all taxpayers concerned about our Harbor. We urge our leaders to act now:

(1) We request that California Coastal Commission impose a moratorium on the fragmented development of Channel Islands Harbor;

(2) We request the formation, per California Harbors and Navigation Code, of a Channel Islands Small Craft Harbor District to govern Channel Islands Harbor — including a governing body that is empowered to develop and oversee the Harbor Master Plan and the management of the Harbor.
Who we are: We are an ad hoc group of concerned residents & business owners in the Channel Islands Harbor Community that has worked for the last four months on a project to study the Harbor's long term opportunities and challenges. We are motivated by an appreciation of the beauty and uniqueness of this place and are committed to its sustainable future.

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