Yesterday a meeting of HSU members proposed the following resolution. Do you support this resolution?

HSU members will support an enterprise agreement with Harbison which includes:

1. An annual pay increase of 2.5% per year, for 3 years, back dated to 1 July 2020. (I.e. a 2.5% increase from 1 July 2020, another 2.5% increase from 1 July 2021, and another 2.5% increase from 1 July 2022).

2. A commitment that Harbison will provide safe and reasonable staffing levels, by implementing the recommended Minimum Staff Time Standards of the Aged Care Royal Commission by 1 July 2022.

3. A clear provision that leave requests will be responded to in a timely manner, of at least 6 weeks.

4. A clear provision that the uniform allowance (currently $7.52 per week) will be paid to all staff, in recognition of the need to purchase appropriate work specific clothing to perform their role.

These are fair and reasonable proposals that will promote harmony and equity in the workplace. They are not excessive or out of step with the rest of the aged care industry.

These are the conditions that HSU members say are needed for us to support the agreement and promote a ‘yes’ vote.

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* 1. Do you support the above resolution being tabled to Harbison management on behalf of HSU members?

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* 2. Any other comments?

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