Welcome to the Handshake Award Application Form

Welcome to the Handshake Award Application Form for 2020

We all win when we work with other HAVAN members. The Suppliers' Council wants you to win in another way: with a Handshake Award! For more than 18 years, the Handshake Awards have been awarded to builders, renovators and suppliers who do business with the most HAVAN members over the course of one year.  

There are 7 prizes to be won. One $200 gift certificate to each first place winner builder, renovator and supplier; one $100 gift certificate to each second place winner builder, renovator and supplier; and a $200 gift certificate to any member who enters but has not won one of the other prizes. This wild card prize will be a random, weighted draw based upon the number of members used by a company. That is, if you use 1 member you get one chance to win; if you use 50 members, you get 50 chances to win.

Each HAVAN -member company can make one application and all answers are confidential.  You won't be spammed and the winners will receive an award and a prize at the October 7 dinner meeting.  

Thanks to our sponsors for making this award possible.

Don't forget to complete your form by Wednesday, September 26 and thanks for participating!

Alisa Aragon, Bridgestone Financing Pros
Chair, Suppliers’ Council

Chelsea Julian, Upper Canada Forest Products
Vice-Chair, Suppliers’ Council

Renée Auer, Senior Director of Membership & Sales
There are more than 1,115 HAVAN members within the following areas:
  • Builders, Renovators, Developers, Project Managers and related fields
  • Architects, Designers, Engineers and other consultants, e.g. Planners
  • Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Roofers, Decks and fences, Outdoor structures and other trades, e.g. Excavators, Sunrooms
  • Appliances, Furniture, Window coverings, Mirrors, Glass, Closet organizing, etc .
  • Building Materials e.g. Roofing Supplies, Paints, Doors, Windows, Plumbing fixtures
  • Finishing Products and supplies, e.g. Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring, Lights
  • Financial, Real Estate, Marketing, Media, Insurance, Advertising, Leasing, etc.
  • Other Miscellaneous Categories, e.g. Associations, Computers, Utilities, etc.
As you scroll through the survey, members will be listed alphabetically. Using the drop-down menus sorted by alphabet letter, choose as many members from the list that you have done business with during the past year. At the end, if you think missed a business, fill out their names using the “Other” text box found at the end of the survey.