1. Please provide your responses to the questions below.

* 1. What type of recreational activities do you and/or your family participate in here in Hampden? Check all that apply.

* 2. What additional recreational activities would you like to see Hampden offer? Check all that apply.

* 3. What activities do you travel OUTSIDE of Hampden to do?

* 4. Which parks, playgrounds and open spaces do you or your family regularly use in Hampden?

  Never Sometimes Frequently Did Not Know it Existed
Memorial Park
Flynt Park (Jonathan's Mill)
Gerrish Park
Town conservation land, woods, and trails
Audubon (Laughing Brook) Land
Private land, woods, and trails
School properties
Scantic River

* 5. What improvements, additions, or changes would you like to see in Hampden's recreational facilities?

* 6. Where in Hampden would you like to see additional recreation facilities and programs provided?

* 7. Do you think the following groups have sufficient recreational opportunities?

  Yes No
Grade School Children
Senior Citizens
College students
Those Without Cars

* 8. Please rank the importance of protecting/conserving the following community features. (1 = most important)

* 9. Please list the landscapes, views, locations, and other outdoor experiences that you think most symbolize Hampden's unique character and the parts of Hampden that you would "show off" to visitors and guests.

* 10. What do you value most about open space in Hampden? Do you think land protection is important? If so, why? (i.e. for recreation, drinking water supply protection, protection of property values, etc.)

* 11. What land protection actions do you think Hampden should take to conserve open space?

  Agree Disagree
City Purchase of Land
Pursue Conservation or Agricultural Restrictions on Private Land
Revise Zoning for Open Space / Conservation Focus
Continue to Use Local Community Preservation Act Funds for Land Protection
Educate private landowners about conservation restrictions funded through federal Forest Legacy Program
Source Water Protection program (Drinking Water)
More strictly limit impervious development (buildings, pavement) over the aquifer recharge areas
The Town should not pursue land protection/open space actions

* 12. If you ever use any of the rivers/waterways/ponds in Hampden, which rivers do you use, and for what? (Visit http://trout.maps.arcgis.com/ and type “Hampden, MA” in the search field to view waterways in your town.)

  Fishing Walking Boating Picnics Swimming / wading Other Do not use river
Scantic River
West Brook
Watchaug Brook
East Brook
Big Brook
Temple Brook
Rockadundee Brook
Goodwill Pond
Thresher Brook
Laughing Brook
Southern Branch of Mill River

* 13. What activities or improvements would you like to see made available on the rivers/waterways/ponds? Please specify where in the comment box below.

* 14. Do any of the following concerns prevent you from using or enjoying open space or recreation areas in Hampden? Please specify any concerns below in the comment box.

* 15. Are you able to get to a publicly accessible open space or recreation area without driving?

* 16. The term "residential growth" refers to new housing development. Please rank the residential growth policies that you support for Hampden. (1 = most important)

* 17. How long have you lived in Hampden?

* 18. What is your age?

* 19. If you are a property owner, approximately how many acres do you own in Hampden?

* 20. What is your gender?

* 21. Please tell us more about your thoughts on Hampden's recreation and/or open space opportunities.

Thank you for your responses!