Dear UNH Alum:

When you were at UNH, you received support for conducting research as an undergraduate from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), the International Research Opportunities Program (IROP), or both - all now administered by the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research. As the Center looks ahead to our 25th Anniversary in 2012, we'd like to hear from you, to learn about where your life has taken you since your undergraduate research experience. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey form.

If you experience problems using or submitting this form, please contact Elizabeth Reilly via email at or by phone at 603-862-4149.

Thank you!

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* 5. In which undergraduate research program(s) did you participate? (Check all that apply)

* 6. Please describe your employment history (e.g., nature of work, positions, titles, employers, etc.) since graduating from UNH.

* 7. Since graduating from UNH, have you completed or are you currently in any graduate degrees or programs?

* 8. If you answered "yes" to Question #7, please provide the name(s) of the institution(s), the program(s), and degree(s) you completed or are currently pursuing.

* 9. How did your undergraduate research experience compare with your UNH education? Please complete the following statement:

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My undergraduate research experience was one of the _____ most rewarding aspects of my UNH education.

* 10. The Hamel Center has found that students who have been involved in its programs provide valuable advice and support for other students engaged in undergraduate research. In the future, if you would be willing to consult with Hamel Center staff about undergraduate research opportunities or advise students interested in your professional field, please provide the following information. Please check all that apply.

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* 12. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions about the Hamel Center and/or your undergraduate research experience.