Welcome. We genuinely are happy to provide the opportunity for you to apply for a Hakhel Mini Grant that can further your community’s goals and enhance your activities.

As of November 2023, below are the current thematic areas that we want to prioritize funding towards:
  • Public Diplomacy: We want to support your community in actively addressing the evolving challenges of Israel and the Jewish people after October 7th. There are substantive ways in which you can influence the public discourse happening, either locally and/ or at a macro level – whether it be by way of an anti-Semitism campaign, an online initiative combating misinformation, or a gathering where you invite a local political or institutional spokesperson to rally on behalf of the Jewish people (to name some examples). There are many expressions of Public Diplomacy right now, and we encourage your community to consider what your collective assets are and how you can leverage them to create impact.
  • Israel Engagement: Now perhaps more than ever in our lifetime there is the necessity to enhance the relationship between Israel and the Diaspora. Amidst worldwide hatred and increasing anti-Israel sentiment, we encourage you to consider the local community building events and initiatives you can pursue to strengthen your community’s relationship to Israel.
  • Communal Resiliency: Developing your community’s internal capacity for resilience and longevity is critical. Increasing the collective sense of belonging among your members will increase your likelihood of sustainability and impact in the aftermath of the events.
Please note: As much as these three pillars are the crux of our work right now, we absolutely also value the importance of maintaining the ongoing activities of Hakhel communities and not exclusively responding to the crisis. Therefore, please feel free to submit applications that also support you with the well-being of your community.

Lastly, please ensure your application is submitted prior to the activity date (ideally), to allow enough time for processing and consideration, as much as possible. Please follow up with your Regional Manager if your event is time sensitive and needs urgent review. We’re here with you to meet the moment at hand.

From Strength to Strength,
The Hakhel Team