Trans-identity, Queer-identity, ethnic and racial identity, disability identity, Jewish identity and black identity are all forms of “social” identity, because society has a long history of placing people into social “boxes” or categories. Sometimes a single person may fall into more than one category, as, for example, Jane who is Queer, female, disabled and black, or Barry who is part black, part Native American and is transitioning from male to female. In many ways, these categories are linked to fear, deviance, negative images, stereotypes, or hostile feelings and persons who fit into any of the categories must develop a personal psychology that helps them manage-stigma in everyday life. In addition, fitting into a category automatically makes one a member of a social group. Managing one’s social identity membership is another important function of one’s social identity. In the workshop-discussion, we will address the way social identity is lived in everyday life, with special emphasis on 1.) identity-protection, 2.) stigma management, 3.) code-switching, and other important identity enactments.

July 20, 2017 8:30a-12p (Registration begins at 8:00am)
Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan - Main Auditorium
3550 West Oxford Avenue (at South Lowell Blvd)
Denver, Colorado 80236

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