* 1. What are some of Newport's unique resources or attributes?

* 2. What are the two most serious issues currently facing Newport and the surrounding area?

* 3. What do you think is the perception of local residents towards Newport as a place to work and conduct business?

* 4. As an area resident, please indicate how you would rate Newport on the following factors. Please check Not Sure if you are unsure of your response.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Unacceptable Not Sure
a. Education Quality
b. Shopping & Services
c. Job Opportunities
d. Economic Growth
e. Housing Options & Quality
f. Parks
g. Recreation
h. Pool
i. Health Care
j. Municipal Services (sewer/water)
k. Public Safety (fire/police)
l. Utility Services (electric/gas)
m. Port Services
n. Community Arts & Culture
o. Physical Image & Appearance
p. Natural Amenities
q. Roads
r. Public Transport
s. Airport
t. Pedestrian & Bike Paths
u. Health Care
v. Library
w. Senior Services

* 5. Of the following community values and attributes, please check a total of 5 items that you feel are most important to advocate for and encourage in Newport:

* 6. What improvements or projects within Newport would you like to see in support of the values you've selected in the previous questions?

* 7. What should residents be doing right now to improve the livability of Newport?

* 8. In dealing with future growth, what approach should Newport take?

* 9. As Newport continues to grow and change, what would you like to:

* 10. What are Newport's two most important opportunities for future success?

* 11. Every community wants high quality, family wage jobs. What kinds of specific jobs would you like to see Newport attract? (Ex: manufacturing, professional service, retail, health care, technology, etc. Be as specific as you can. When possible, please name companies, businesses or industries.)

* 12. What would you consider the most important philosophy for Newport to adopt to ensure livability and economic growth?

* 13. As you visualize a successful Newport in the next 10-15 years . . . .

* 14. Do you live within the limits of the City of Newport?

* 15. If you live outside the City of Newport, where do you live?

* 16. Do you work in the City of Newport?

* 17. Please check your age:

* 18. Please share any other comments about your vision for the future of Newport below or use a separate page.