Welcome to the District of Sooke's Official Community Plan survey portal. Please feel free to answer all 7 online surveys to ensure that all of your ideas are recorded in this process.

* 1. Should the District have more industrial lands?

* 2. Should the District consider more public art projects?

* 3. Should there be more public gathering space such as town plazas, community park or a pedestrian mall?

* 4. Do you feel safe at night in the Town Centre?

* 5. Should the District promote farming and agriculture as a means of employment?

* 6. The District needs more institutional uses such as hospitals, schools, universities, libraries.

* 7. Should the District become a leader in green innovation and support incentives for green building or a green business designation?

* 8. Signage and wayfinding should be improved within the District of Sooke.

* 9. The addition of more urban design features such as benches, streetlights, and quality landscaping would make Sooke more enjoyable.

* 10. Ecosystem and watershed protection should be central to all development forms within the District.

* 11. The District should consider lowering the building height maximums in certain parts of town to protect common access to sunlight and views.

* 12. The District should consider acquiring strategic park lands for future generations.

* 13. The District should conduct a review of employment lands such as commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural lands to help support job creation.

* 14. Key heritage resources such as buildings, sites of significance or routes should be identified, protected and celebrated.

* 15. The sewer system should be expanded in Sooke?

* 16. More options for public transit and alternative transportation should be supported.

* 17. Should the District explore options for a pedestrian river crossing and an additional vehicular bridge?

* 18. Thank you for your participation in this survey. Please provide your contact information if you are interested in keeping up to date on information related to the Official Community Plan.