1. Introduction

Recently, the Village updated its mandatory downspout disconnection ordinance such that all single family home disconnections must be completed by January 2017. The Assistance Program provides incentives in the form of reimbursements to help owners meet the deadline. All reimbursements are first come, first served. Incentives include reimbursement to residents for: costs associated with completing downspout disconnections,  installing a rain garden or bio-swale, and free rain barrels with delivery. 

Resident response to this survey will make the collection of necessary data more efficient, maintaining reasonable program costs, while allowing the Village to maintain its grant status with the state through the disconnection period.

Before taking the survey, it is important to count your downspouts (home and garage) and count those connected to the combined sewer.  The image below illustrates both a connected and disconnected downspout.  If you are not sure if a downspout is connected, contact the Village (forrest@lagrangepark.org).  With your counts in hand, the survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

The Village understands that the program will pose questions for homeowners. Contact information about this program is available at the end of the survey.

Question Title

Downspout Disconnection (before and after)

Downspout Disconnection (before and after)