WSDA is proposing to amend the quarantine for Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) by creating a quarantine area around a 49-square mile grid centered on Grandview, Washington.
Creating this new internal quarantine area is designed to prevent the spread of Japanese beetle from infested sites within Yakima and Benton counties discovered through a trapping survey this summer.

The quarantine will regulate certain items and impose restrictions on their movement out of the quarantine area. The restrictions are intended to prevent the spread of Japanese beetle and improve chances for eradication of this pest.

The following products pose a high risk of transporting Japanese beetle. Due to the multiple life stages of Japanese beetle, some of these items would be regulated year-round whereas others would only be regulated during Japanese beetle adult flight season, which is May 15 through October 15.

Items that would be regulated year-round include:
  • Soil (residential, agricultural, construction, and commercial);
  • Humus, compost, and growing media
  • Manure
  • Grass sod (turf)
  • Yard debris
  • Potted plants
  • Bulbs
  • Plant crowns
Items that would only be regulated during adult flight season include:  
  • cut flowers
  • hop bines
  • corn stalks/harvest silage  
State law requires agencies to consider the financial impact of rule changes to both large and small businesses and discuss that impact in a Small Business Economic Impact Statement. The questions in this survey will be used to determine the potential impact of adopting a Japanese beetle quarantine and regulating the movement of certain items outside of that area.

This information will ONLY be used in our assessment of impacts to businesses.
To determine if your business (or business activities) are located within the proposed quarantine area, view the proposed quarantine map.
If you do business in the proposed quarantine area, and handle any of the items listed above, we invite you to take this survey to understand the potential impacts to your business as we formulate the internal Japanese beetle quarantine.