I’m very proud of the hard, round-the-clock work that city employees and contractors did over the past few days to make our streets and sidewalks safe and passable. Public safety on our roads and sidewalks is our highest priority following a storm. Through “curb-to-curb” street plowing, using sidewalk plows, hauling snow, and utilizing the City’s melter, our DPW and Parks and Recreation employees are using the best practices and technologies in Newton.

Now that we are through the first big storms of the season, we are interested in hearing from residents. Since taking office, my administration has prioritized data-driven decision making - snow operations are no exception. I’m asking you to complete this survey and let us know how we’re doing on your street and in your neighborhood.

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* 1. What street do you live on?

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* 3. Please rank the following on a scale from 1-5 (1 - lowest, 5 - highest)

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How would you rank the quality of snow operations on your street?
How successful has "curb-to-curb" plowing been on your street?
How timely has street clearing been in your neighborhood?
How has the City sidewalk clearing operation been in your neighborhood? If the City does not clear sidewalks in your neighborhood, please select "No Opinion."
How successful has the requirement for residents to clear sidewalks within 30 hrs of the end of the snow storm been in your neighborhood?
How timely has the sidewalk clearing been in your neighborhood?

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* 4. Additional comments