Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) Nomination for 2020

The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) is using a new electronic process for nominating and selecting co-op members to fill PAC vacancies in 2021.

In the past, PAC asked for nominations for PAC vacancies at the Regional Forums.
As feedback from co-op members, via the Engagement Forum, showed that the structure of the forums should be changed to make more time for co-op concerns, PAC will be asking for nominations from the regions directly.

PAC’s role is to advise the Board on Program Policies and other documents that affect Program and co-op operation.

PAC provides this advice in relation to the needs and views of co-op members within the Program. PAC ensures the needs and views of members and co-ops are reflected in Program Policy and Procedure development, best practice or implementation advice, and makes recommendations to the Board to assist the Board in engaging with such matters in a strategic, timely and relevant manner.

Question Title

* 2. Please provide your...

Question Title

* 3. In no more than 50-100 words please tell us why you would be a good PAC member. E.g: 

- Working on Policy - Have you ever worked on Policy or Procedure before, in your co-op? 

- Reflecting on feedback received to Policy and Procedure - Have you worked in a committee where you had to consider feedback to a proposal or topic?

 - Ensure that feedback is incorporated into Program Policy and Procedure - Have you ever worked in your co-op collecting feedback and making sure it is considered?

- Working together effectively - Have you ever had to work with a team to achieve consensus and make decisions?

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* 4. By submitting this nomination I agree to: