Actions I Can Take

* Spread the Word: Host a regional breakfast or arrange a local presentation

* Spread the Word: Write an article or op-ed

* Spread the Word: Organize a "lunch & learn" at my workplace

* Spread the Word: Help bring Vroom into my community

* I Can Connect: Get news from the Governor-appointed early childhood advisory council, Spark NH,

* I Can Connect: Visit or join the board of an early childhood program.

* Take a Stand: Call my elected officials

* Take a Stand: Promote early childhood policies in the Framework for Action for New Hampshire's Young Children

* Take a Stand: Ask candidates for office what they will do

* Take "Our Pledge to New Hampshire's Children"

* Support and Spur Innovation: I believe that effective public and private investments in young children and their families are a vital educational success and economic grwoth strategy for the Granite State. I will join a movement to establish an endowment that leverages support and spurs innovation in our state. I am interested in learning more and would like to hear from Spark NH.

* Other ideas of what I can do

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* How did you hear about these 4 Actions?