The Safer Syringe Initiative

The Safer Syringe Initiative is a project through the North Carolina Division of Public Health. The Safer Syringe Initiative began after syringe exchange programs were legalized in North Carolina in July 2016. Approximately 20 percent of AIDS cases and upwards of 55 percent of Hepatitis C cases can be attributed to injection drug use, which underscores the viability of syringe exchange programs. Many studies have confirmed the cost efficiency of syringe exchange programs as a prevention effort to reduce the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C and other blood borne illnesses (NC Health and Human Services: Syringe Exchange).

Syringe Exchange Programs:

Ø  Distribute clean needles and syringes and other injection supplies

Ø  Collect and dispose of used syringes

Ø  Link patients to substance use treatment programs

Ø  Link patients to mental health services as needed

Ø  Provide Naloxone (overdose reversal medication) or refer for services

Ø  Offer HIV, Hepatitis, and other laboratory screening tests

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* 1. The survey should take about 2 minutes to complete. This survey is confidential (no names are recorded) and results will be summarized and shared with the Swain County Health Department and Swain County Commissioners. Please contact us if you have questions, concerns or wish to know the data outcome.   Email or call Amber Frost, (828.488.3198)

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* 2. Do you support a syringe exchange program in Swain County? 

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* 3. Would you utilize a syringe exchange program?

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* 4. Do you know someone who could benefit from syringe exchange program services? 

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* 5. Would you prefer a fixed location for syringe exchange such as health department (5 days per week) or mobile services such as a van(1-2 days per week) that travel throughout Swain County?