This request form is for 2013 memberships only!

Please note: We are only accepting transfer requests for members who are currently on our council unaffiliated list and need to be moved to a troop. We cannot accept any troop to troop transfers at this time.

For Early Bird, if a member is switching troops or bridging, they must be registered under their old troop and then a 2014 transfer request can be submitted for them (request form coming shortly). Leaders have the ability to designate themselves as the 01-Leader in the member's old troop to access their profile to register them.

If you chose to make a single transfer, click done and you will return to the GSCNC website.

If you chose to make multiple transfer requests, click done and you will loop to the top of the request form. When you have entered all your transfers, click done to submit your last transfer and then click the exit this survey link in the upper right corner.

If you have transfers to or from another Girl Scout Council please contact Erin Harvey at

* 1. Person requesting transfer

* 2. Request Notifications: By selecting yes you agree that you want to receive email notification that your transfer request was received and is starting to be processed by GSCNC. If you do not wish to receive notification select no.

For Multiple Requests: If you select yes on each request you will get an email for each request you submit. If you only want to receive one notification you can select yes on one of the requests. The notification will be specific to that request, but you can know that all your requests have been received. If you do not wish to receive notifications select no.

* 3. FIRST NAME of member to be transferred:

* 4. LAST NAME of member to be transferred

* 5. Type of Transfer
We are only accepting Council to Troop transfers for 2013. Please contact your Membership Specialist for any special requests for a troop to troop transfer.

* 6. Troops Involved in the Transfer (Use proper number format for troops i.e. 00515, or indicate a SU if the transfer is to/from a Service Unit i.e. SU 33-9)