Thank you for taking part in the VOTING process for the "Jason Rivenburg- Making a Difference Award"

The following 3 people had the most nominations for this award which will be presented at the 2013 Truck Driver Social Media Convention at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Kansas City, MO on October 11-13th 2013.

Kathy Cass
Richard Wilson
Randall Doane

There were a total of 15 people nominated, the 3 people with the most nominations are considered the candidates for the award.
Here are ALL those who were nominated: CONGRATULATIONS!

Kathy Cass
Dalene Smoot;
Randall Doane
Dugal Trimble
Jerry Ott of Celadon Trucking (Canada)
Lodell Parris
Lance Wood
Richard Wilson
Greg Newman
Jerry Ferguson
Brenda Palmigiano
Dale "Truckin Bozo" Sommers
Allan Nightrunner
Bruce Dunn
Kerry Mullins

The top 3 Candidates were nominated based on any ONE or more of the following criteria

** Timeless Effort for charities involving the trucking community
** Volunteers their time helping others ( related to trucking)
** Has created a group or organization to help with the betterment of others (trucking)
** Spends hours sharing their knowledge and answering questions to those who ask
** Spends hours researching Trucking Legislation, lobbying, or informing others by writing letters and/or making phone calls to Washington.

The winners of the award will receive a plaque, presented by Hope Rivenburg,
A $500.00 gift prize will be presented by GoTruckStop as well as prizes to the 2 Runners Up.

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