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One of the major responsibilities of the Faculty of Science and Engineering is to provide systems of support which will enable you to do as well as you possibly can during your studies with us.

However, we all have our own individual learning styles and have special abilities and talents in some areas and weaknesses in others. This Individual Learning Profile [ILP] has been developed so ‘we’, you and the Faculty, can establish how you learn best. It is not a test ~ the questions are designed to let you ‘score’ your confidence in various of the general skills you will be using in your studies and to help us provide any support you may need.

Please answer honestly. Your responses are confidential and will only be seen by a limited number of people. An electronic copy will be made available to your Personal Tutor in time for your initial meeting so your PT will know something about your personal requirements and can give meaningful advice etc.

If you feel your strengths are adversely influenced by any special needs or medical conditions please indicate this in the write in section [section 7] ~ do not go in to any great detail ~ a simple reference to SEN [Special Educational Needs] will alert your Personal Tutor who will help you arrange a meeting with our student enabling teams to ensure our systems and facilities are catering for your specific requirements.

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