At our most recent in-person discussion with the Honourable Lisa Thompson, she requested input from our association to help identify Ontario policies and regulations that we would describe as ‘red tape.’  She is looking for suggestions of those policies or regulations or government initiatives that are overly complicated and make it difficult and time-consuming to comply and as a result, are costly for Ontario businesses and residents.  In order to assemble a list of potential “red tape” candidates, please respond to the following questions:

**Please note that each submission is completely confidential and no personal information will be shared.**

Question Title

* 1. Please list your top 3 ‘red tape’ policies in order of priority. Please provide as much specific information as possible. More space will be provided later in the questionnaire if you have more than three in mind.

Question Title

* 2. Do you have additional ‘red tape’ policies you would like to identify? If so, please list them here with as much information as possible.