The emotional and heartwarming historical fiction novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author.

Penguin Random House is offering copies of A Mother's Secret by Katie Flynn to book clubs to read and review.

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Though she may feel lost, she will never give up on finding the truth...

1941: Libby’s life on the sprawling farm at Hollybank is a far cry from the bustling streets of London where she grew up, but after the tragic death of her parents she moved to Liverpool to be closer to her long-lost aunt and uncle.

When she discovers they are far from the decent people they claimed to be and have spun a web of lies about her late mother, Libby’s world is shaken.

But she is determined to set the story straight and embarks on a journey to unravel the devastating secret her mother kept until her dying day.

Can Libby separate the truth from the lies, and forge a brighter future for herself?

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