1. Welcome.

Welcome to our informal survey about extreme hoarding. Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this brief survey. We will make the results available to you if you’d like. Just let us know at the end of this survey.

Why are we doing this survey? Every day, BERGFELD’s receives calls and e-mail from people throughout the country who are asking for resources and guidance about problems of advanced and extreme hoarding - their own, their client's, a friend’s, a family member’s, or a neighbor's. Currently, there is only limited information about local resources available from public agencies, care managers, and private professionals to help people burdened by this serious condition. BERGFELD's is expanding our services to help those who contact us by directing them to available resources throughout the U.S.A. This survey will help.

Over recent years, BERGFELD's has worked with more than 60 “extreme hoarders” whose hoarding is “the accumulation of and failure to discard excessive numbers of possessions … to the extent that living spaces can’t be used for their intended purposes … and it causes distress and decline in health and wellbeing.” (BERGFELD’s paraphrase of definitions by research experts Gail Steketee, PhD and Randy Frost, PhD.)