* 1. Can you (or can others in your household) connect to the internet from home today? This includes connecting to the internet from a smart phone, desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

* 2. (IF YES) Is that through a:

* 3. (IF NO TO #1) Do you have any interest in learning how to get an affordable internet connection? ($20 a month) and free tablet if you qualify for your home?

* 4. Have you had internet at home in the last 6 months?

* 5. Does anyone in your household currently have a discount from California Lifeline Program for a:

* 6. Please give us your address so we can verify which providers are in your area and a number or email to reach you for an appointment to discuss the options. We can also speak with you now if prefer.

* 7. Which of these would you say is the main reason your household doesn’t have internet service?