1. Book Writing World Fall Quarter Questionnaire

We are about to start our fall quarter and would love your insight and ideas. Everyone who completes this survey will be entered to win a one month private coaching package with author and editor Elizabeth Stark. Everyone who completes this survey will be invited to attend a group coaching conference as well.

* 1. Which of the following courses would you very much like to take?

  Need it! Very Interested Somewhat Interested Mildly Curious Not What I Need
Intro to Screenwriting
Plot for Screen and Page
Daily Motivation/ Goal Success for Writers
Interval Training for Writers (athletic-style coaching to get you writing a lot)
Plan Your Book
Write Your Book
Revise Your Book
Finish Your Book
Publish/ Promote Your Book
Intro to Creative Writing
The Short Story
Narrative Non-fiction
The Novel
Performance for Writers
Book Club: read books & discuss them with the authors

* 2. All of the following are elements of the Book Writing World. Which would be most important to you and your writing?

  Very important to me Important Possibly important Not very important Irrelevant
small group coaching and craft classes via 1-hour online video conferences
social network community for writers
weekly half-hour goal-setting chat online
weekly mini-lectures (5 - 10 min. video or audio)
assignments to move your project forward
professional feedback on your assignment
community feedback on your assignments
craft mini-lectures/ exercises
small group Q & A with published authors & industry professionals
daily jump-starts for writing
in-person weekend writing retreats (currently in N. CA)
day-long online writing retreat
help writing query letters to agents & editors
advice on getting published
in-person classes (in East Bay Area, CA)

* 3. What would a writing course need to cover and include for it to be of value to you?

* 4. We are considering offering some self-paced courses (making your way through the lectures and assignments at your own pace, with feedback coming from the community rather than from a teacher)at a lower price. Rate your interest in this kind of course.

* 5. What are your two biggest questions about taking an online course like those offered in the Book Writing World?

* 6. Where do you go for information and resources about writing? Please name specific names.

* 7. Please fill out the information below. We will never sell or share your information with anyone. By filling out this survey you will be entered in the drawing for one free month of coaching with Elizabeth Stark, published author, editor, writing professor and coach to the published. Winner will be contacted via email. All entrants will be invited to an online group coaching session. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us out.