* 1. What best describes your role?

* 2. How often do you use the NSW legislation website (including any legislation feeds from the website)?

* 3. Which parts of the NSW legislation website do you most often use? (multiple selections may be made)

* 4. To navigate to content do you: (multiple selections may be made)

* 5. From your experience using the NSW legislation website during the past 12 months, please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements:.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither agree or disagree N/A
The NSW legislation website provides the information I need.
The NSW legislation website is easy to navigate.
The NSW legislation is up-to-date.
I can rely on the content of the NSW legislation website.
I am usually able to find the information I am looking for on the NSW legislation website.
When I have had inquiries about the NSW legislation website, the staff responding to calls or emails have had the knowledge to assist me.
The NSW legislation website is easy to use on mobile devices.
Overall I am satisfied with the NSW legislation website.

* 6. What does the NSW legislation website currently do well?

* 7. In what way does the NSW legislation website need to improve?