Hope Mills Public Meeting #2 Survey

This survey is for participants in the public meeting #2 / virtual public meeting #2 for the Multimodal Congestion Management Plan for the Town of Hope Mills, NC

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* 1. How did you learn about the December 7th meeting?

Question Title

* 2. Consider the crossing treatments in the images below for the next question.

A. Raised Sidewalk
Raised Sidewalk

B. Median Refuge
Median Refuge 

C. Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon 

D. HAWK Signal
HAWK Signal 

E. Curb Extension
Curb Extension 

List up to three locations where you would like to see crossing improvements, and which of the treatments above (or other treatments, if applicable) would you like to see put in place there?

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* 3. Which transportation alternatives below do you feel would benefit people in Hope Mills (select all that apply)?

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* 4. Which concept below would you prefer for roadways in Hope Mills such as Main Street (NC 59), Rockfish Road, Camden Road, and Golfview Road (select one)?