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* 1. Since you've kindly opted to take this quiz ("El Quizzo") I am going to give you a shout-out ("El Shouto-Outo"), if you'd like, in one of my upcoming posts. Please leave your blog name, address, and any pop-up info below:

* 2. 1. Which of the following most closely translates the following phrase from Spanish to English:

"Yo Querro Taco Bell"

(Select closest translation from A - D:)

* 3. The rain on the plain falls mainly in __________.

* 4. If energetic actor Speedy Gonzalez were to order nachos at his favorite restaurant, what kind of cheese would he prefer on his chips?

* 5. What would comedic actor Speedy Gonzalez be most likely to say:

* 6. If a migrant worker, a bull-fighter, and a priest each had one of

block of cheese apiece, but you had none - that cheese,

collectively, could be considered:

* 7. Which of the following scrambled sentences is most likely written in Spanish?

* 8. If a Spaniard were to spend a day alone, relaxing while reading

the 'Fun 'N' Games Section' of his local Sunday newspaper, he would

most likely prefer to do a _______.

* 9. The oldest Mexican kid in high school is most likely a:

* 10. How would you rate the following aspects of the new and improved 'My Webbed Feat'?

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