Speaking Rights Training / Toronto March 22, 2018

Equitas Speaking Rights Program, is an Human Rights Education program that aims at developing the capacity of youth to engage in actions that support respect for human rights. Young people participating in the Speaking Rights Program embark upon a process of empowerment guided by human rights values and principles.
When? March 22, 2018
Where? Regent Park Community Centre, Toronto, ON
For who? Program Managers, Youth Workers and Youth Changemakers

The participant-centered approach of the Speaking Rights Training encourages active learning and has at its core you and your organization. As a participant, you are viewed as having expertise and experience to share and as such you are also a resource person for others. Therefore, it is essential to the learning process to reflect on your learning needs as well as the knowledge, skills and experience you can offer. In addition to helping you in this reflection process, the information that you provide in the pre-training assignment will assist Equitas in planning the training. 

The Pre-Training Assignment is divided in 3 parts:
  • Part A: Personal information
The information provided in Part A will be used to help us plan the Youth Changemakers Forum, especially regarding accommodation and catering. This information will remain confidential.
  • Part B: Participant directory
The information provided in Part B will be used to create a participant directory to support networking and collaboration among participants.
  • Part C: Needs and offers
The information provided in Part C will help us better understand your learning needs and expectations. 
Please complete the following survey no later than February 28, 2018. 
Thank you for taking the time and for your response!