1. 2012 KCTM MESA Award Nomination

1. Nominator's Name

2. Nominator's Organization

3. Nominator's Phone Number

4. Nominator's E-mail Address

5. Name of MESA Award Nominee

6. Nominee's Organization

7. Nominee's Phone Number

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9. The nominee is a:

10. Please provide detailed information and specific examples of how your nominee has contributed to mathematics education in the state of Kentucky. When writing your nomination, please note that your entry must contain at least one attribute from the list below that your nominee has excelled in which makes him or her deserving of this recognition. (Please use at least 150 words.)

• Providing Kentucky students with high quality education and learning opportunities in their mathematics classrooms.
• Providing professional development and networking opportunities with other mathematics educators, either individually or in collaboration with other mathematics education organizations in the state and/or nation.
• Advocating for and recognizing high quality mathematics education for all students in Kentucky.
• Supporting and recognizing excellence in mathematics teaching and learning.