Social media is fast becoming the customer’s service channel of choice. However, for many organizations, their social customer care offering has grown organically and is managed in an ad hoc way.

Whilst this can work in the short term, it poses significant risks to organizations and does not allow servicing to scale effectively and for organizations to recognize genuine business results from their efforts.

If you think that your social media customer service might need some improvement, take our simple maturity test and we will contact you to arrange a free consultation to discuss our recommendations for you (or, if you prefer, we can send you a simple report with suggestions on how you can improve). The test should take about 5 minutes. Please answer Yes or No to the following statements.

* 1. We have a strategic vision and defined objectives for our social media servicing activity that aligns to our business goals

* 2. We have cross-functional support for our social media servicing strategy

* 3. We have dedicated budget and resource to deliver against our strategy

* 4. We have a clear roadmap to deliver against our strategy

* 5. We have a standardised process for recruiting, training and assessing the quality of our social servicing agents

* 6. We provide end-to-end servicing through social

* 7. We have agreed SLAs for initial contact and final resolution across all internal departments

* 8. We have social media servicing operating hours that match customer demand

* 9. We can pre-empt customer issues and provide proactive support to reduce servicing load

* 10. We have the ability to model volumes and scale effectively

* 11. We have well-defined triage and workflow processes

* 12. We use a specialist social media management tool for our service interactions

* 13. We have social media crisis identification and management protocols that we test in simulation scenarios

* 14. We can integrate social customer data into our CRM

* 15. We have simple, clear metrics and MI that show the benefits of social media servicing

* 16. We have social media dashboards so that everyone in the business can see the impact of our activity

* 17. We feed actionable customer insights from our servicing engagements back into the organisation

* 18. Please provide more information if you wish

* 19. About you

Thankyou for completing the assessment, we will be in touch shortly with your personalised recommendations.

BrightCultures are the experts in creating social customer engagement excellence. We can help you design an end-to-end social customer service and engagement solution that protects and enhances your brand and provides a great experience for your customers. We will ensure you setup correctly, scale efficiently and feed actionable customer insights back to your business.

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“The partnership with BrightCultures and our team on our social strategy has been fantastic. Matching Danielle and Caz with our internal delivery team and our leadership has really worked for us. I love the way they work, and they have helped us deliver some great things, so thank you.” Gary Jenkins: Vice President – Comms, Large UK Credit Card Company