Thank you for applying to the Half Moon incarnation of the Vegan Handmade Market!  The Half Moon Market is a labor of love, created out of the joy of craft. The Vegan Handmade Market was created by Meg Crane. I was asked by a few locals to keep it going. December 7 2019 was my first go at it! You know when a restaurant switches ownership but its name remains the same? That is kinda what happened here.  I will do some things differently - for example I am not working with sponsors nor will I be donating any tables for the spring 2020 show. I have been running the Half Moon for 5 years now and as the show evolves so do my planning processes. Each market is its own unique blend of artisans and organizations. Craft diversity is incredibly important. No two markets are exactly the same and I strive to welcome new artisans at each show. 

For additional details about application processes for all Half Moon Markets please click here.  

Please take your time filling out this form. You are welcome to email  with questions.   

The application link will stay active until the show is full. 

Completion and submission of this application is an agreement to all terms and conditions below. 

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* 3 remaining spots on the upper level:

2 x bring your own 6 foot table
1x 8 foot table provided

Preferences or questions about the space you require:

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* FOOD & BEVERAGE MAKERS ONLY - please check ALL that apply.

A helpful link for first time food artisans:  MB Farmers Market Guidelines

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* REGARDING PROMOTION , I ( the artisan) do not mind if photos of my work are borrowed from FB and IG in exchange for appropriate credit.


Set up & Tear Down
-set up is 8:30-9:55 AM  / tear down is  4 - 4:45 PM
-please ensure your product and display can be independently carried in and set up in this time frame. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!
- the venue is wheelchair accessible but there is no elevator. there are stairs going up to the main hall and stairs going down to the lower level
-artisans purchase tables, not booths. space between artisans vary.
-artisans are asked to be flexible and adaptable. If you paid for an 8 foot table and arrive with an additional 5 feet of display racks, you will be asked to reduce your set up size

Sheila will promote the event on social media, via posters, online bulletins & community groups. A Facebook event will be specifically made for this show and you are welcome to share this event freely.  Please do not, create additional facebook events. If there is something in particular you would like promoted on the facebook event page, please email I am happy to share your own social media links or website within the Facebook event page.

-payment seals the deal and tables are not reserved or held
-payment is required within 2 days  of confirmation that a spot is available. Sheila will begin sending confirmation emails on January 26, 2020.  Sheila will let you know the date / time when payment is due. 
-Ideally, please dont apply for a table if you cant afford it ....side story: sheila made an exception for a university student who was awaiting their loan deposit. the table was paid at the agreed upon time however on the day of the event the artisan left half way thru the show with no explanation and no follow up. Moral of the story: making exceptions doesn't equal a happy ending  + if an artisan leaves before the show ends, 2 bottles of wine and a foot massage are owed to sheila. 
- refunds not available for the Spring 2020 show.

Craft Curation
-craft curation is solely the responsibility of the Half Moon Market Mama Bear aka Sheila Terra 
-artisans cannot sell, sublet or donate their table. no way! 
-two artisans can share a table. please submit two separate applications and include who your partner in crime is.

- At the last Vegan Handmade Market the raffle raised $160 for Kismet Creek Farm
-artisans are welcome to donate an item of their choosing to the raffle. its totally optional. For the April 18th show the proceeds will be donated to Rescue Siamese

Liability & Responsibility
-Sheila Terra & Robert A Steen are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen goods.  
-artisans will be mindful of the venue. if damages are sustained to the venue by the artisan, the artisan will be billed for the damages...... side story: sheila once got a surprise charge of $350 on her credit card for damages left after a show
- Sheila Terra nor the venue are responsible for providing wifi. Please come with data on your device if you wish to take electronic payment.

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Winnipeg is such a creative city! Thank you for your application! 

<strong><span style="color: #cc99ff;">Winnipeg is such a creative city! Thank you for your application! </span></strong>
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