* 1. What was your overall feeling with regards to the service day?  What was the biggest surprise that you experienced, or what touched you the most?

* 2. If you were to recommend this service opportunity to others, what would you tell them?

* 3. Looking back to the introduction at Masses, articles in the bulletin, and the promotion in the gathering area, what touched you; and how could we better reach out to others next time?

* 4. Would you do something like this again? Is there something else calling to you at the parish?

* 5. What do you see as your next step? Would you like to be a part of the team for the next service day?

* 6. If you were asked be a site leader, how did it go, what went well, and what should we do differently?

* 7. How about the timing of the service day, did this work well? Would you prefer another time of year, and why?

* 8. Looking back at the service day schedule - Holy Family Center gathering and snack pickup, Church Prayer Service, site work; what are your insights?

* 9. Are there any other comments that you'd like to make?